Video Poker - Tips
  1. The only way to truly beat a Video Poker machine is to hit a high-paying Royal Flush.

  2. Always play the maximum number of coins as this is the only way to get a big payoff on a Royal Flush.

  3. Make sure to play the maximum amount of coins per hand. Nearly every online Video Poker game gives a bonus to those who play the max coins. You will get much better odds. Online you can usually set the coin amount to something that you are comfortable with (some go as low as 5 cents).

  4. A Royal Flush can come along at any time. The game is not more likely to hit after a long streak of not hitting. Each hand has its own odds and starts over with the next hand.

  5. The cards are random with every hand. Video Poker can not be loose or tight. The odds are posted on every game (The payout table).

  6. Play carefully; take your time and make wise decisions. It's you against the machine and there is no need to rush things.

  7. Know the pay tables - This is one of, if not the most important keys to success in Video Poker. You need to understand the pay tables for each machine; understanding these will potentially allow you to maximize your winnings.

  8. Play each hand like a new game; since you are playing a machine try and forget about the last hand played. The machine has no memory of the last hand, the random number generator assures this, so don't fret over what happened last hand, focus on the next.

  9. Practice makes perfect; the more you play the better you will be. Learning which cards to keep and which cards to discard is very important if you are to take full advantage of the payout tables. If you use your knowledge consistently i.e. utilize a strategy, it will help assure that you will meet the payout percentages of a particular machine.


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