Video Poker - Strategies

Each Video Poker game has its own strategy, based on the rules and the payout schedule. Pay particular attention to the payout schedules before playing a Video Poker game, as certain games pay better on straights or flushes or special hands, which may affect your decisions. Also, since the payout ratios do not necessarily reflect the true odds, familiarity with basic Poker rules and odds will help you play smarter.

You should notice that the payout schedule almost always favors the Max Bet column. So if you are comfortable with betting the maximum, you will have slightly better overall odds of winning. But ultimately, the only way to beat a Video Poker game in the long run is to win a Royal Flush. In this way, it is quite similar to slot machines.

If you are a player that likes to play the games with the best odds, online Video Poker is one of the best games you could have chosen! Did you know that some types of online Video Poker are better than others?

Below is the breakdown (by strategy type) of the best types of Video Poker games to play:

Video Poker game

Return %

Deuces wild optimal strategy


Deuces wild simple strategy


Jacks or better optimal strategy


Jacks or better intermediate strategy


Jacks or better simple strategy


You may ask, 'How can a game return over 100%'? With online video poker the player is rewarded when he/she plays better than the average player. Please keep in mind that you must have a very large bankroll and play every hand perfectly in order to produce the type of returns stated above. The optimal strategy is really intended for professional Video Poker players. The main point of the list above is to show you that Deuces Wild has the best odds of all the online Video Poker games.

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