Let it Ride Poker - Tips

  1. Do Let It Ride with 3 cards up (the first bet) if you have: a high-card pair (high cards are 10-J-Q-K-A) or three of a kind, 3 consecutive same-suit cards with a value of 3-4-5 or better, 3/5 of a straight flush with 1 skip (a skip is a card missing from the straight) and 1 high card (example: 10-Q-K, but not 6-8-9), or 3/5 of a straight flush with 2 skips and 2 high cards (example: 8-Q-K, but not 6-9-J).

  2. Do Let It Ride with 4 cards up (the second bet) if you have: three of a kind or 2 pair, 4/5 of any flush, 4/5 of any straight with no skips or 4 high cards.

  3. You can better avoid progressive jackpot bets. They are sucker bets and carry a heavy house edge.


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