Are all Poker games the same?

No. Poker is a reference to a 5-card hand, consisting of ranks from high card to straight flush (some games allow for a five of a kind). In reality, there are many different types of poker. Some games involve more skill than others. For example, the most popular poker game is currently Texas Hold'em, which requires a lot of skill but still has a decent amount of luck (at least in the short run). Games that involve a lot of wild cards tend to have a much stronger luck element (such as baseball). Is Poker gambling?

Generally, Poker is considered gambling. Many people, who play with their friends, do not always play for real money. Also, many people play on the internet for fake money, which would not be considered gambling because they are not risking anything of real value. However, most people play Poker and wager real money, though generally at low stakes. One can win in the long run at Poker because there is a lot of skill at Poker. Because of this, Poker is generally considered a different type of gambling because you can win at it in the long run. Nevertheless, no one is ever guaranteed to win, and each session can produce a variety of outcomes.

What is the difference between casino Poker and multi-player Poker?

Casino Poker includes video Poker machines, let it ride, and caribbean stud. These games have set house advantages, and it is impossible for the player to win in the long run. These games are much more similar to other casino games like craps and slot machines than they are to multi-player poker. Multi-player Poker has much more skill, and it is possible to win at this type of Poker in the long run.

Is online Poker legal?

It depends where you live. In some areas, gambling of all kinds is forbidden (such as the American states of Utah and Hawaii). In other areas, such as in the United Kingdom, online Poker is considered legal. Please consult the laws of your area before playing. If you are not sure about the legality in your jurisdiction, just don't play online Poker.

Is online Poker safe?

It should be as long as you follow several precautions:

A. Play at a reputable site. Make sure the site is licensed and many other people play there.

B. Cash out often. Why risk losing a lot of money if something bad happens? It is always good to cash out often. Not only is it insurance against having your money stolen, it prevents you from losing a lot of money if you ever go on tilt.

What is 'on tilt'?

Being 'on tilt' means playing poorly due to your emotions.

Do people cheat at online Poker?

There is something known as collusion, where people gang up on their opposition by telling their friends at the table what cards they have. They do this on the phone or through an instant messaging program. This is cheating. Poker rooms do their best to find and ban colluders, and many have been banned from Poker rooms. It is very easy for a Poker room to detect collusion because they have the ability to review every hand for suspicious play.

Also, people who resort to cheating are usually bad anyway, so it's not a big problem. Furthermore, collusion only works well at the longer tables where it is harder to spot it. People trying to collude at a game with 5 people in it may in fact hurt their play rather than give them an edge.

If you are ever suspicious of collusion, leave the table and notify the Poker room.

Are my winnings taxed?

Not by the Poker rooms, but you generally need to report your winnings to your government on your income tax return (assuming you live in a country with income tax). This is the type of question that really depends on where you live.

Is it important in video poker to play the full number of coins?

Yes, because if you look at the pay table closely you will notice a non-symmetrical progression on the royal flush pay line. Your typical Royal Flush pay line looks like this; 250, 500, 750, 1000, 4000. Note the jump with the fifth coin inserted. Not playing that fifth coin, will cost you 12% over the long haul.

Do online Video Poker Games work?

Most of them do. Most of the complaints are from people who didn't take the extra second to check the help page on the online casino where they were playing. The majority of Video Poker providers offer extensive help pages, plus a series of plug-ins that you can download for free and install in order to solve 99% of the problems you might encounter.

What version of Video Poker is right for me?

Many online casinos will help you answer this question. Initially, the answer depends on your skill level. If you are familiar with odds and strategy tables, then you might want to jump right in any begin to play any game that interests you.

If you have never played before or you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with all the different versions offered by today's vast online gaming world, then take the casinos advice and play the version with the simplest tables and the most intuitive or user-friendly interface.

Will learning Poker help me to learn Video Poker variants?

Video Poker is a great way to learn the basic rules of the game as well as to open your mind to fun variants you have never played before. Video or not, we're still talking poker.

In some cases, the only difference between Poker variants is the betting structure. For example, you might be required to bet a lot in the beginning of the game. This system deters players from folding. Understanding the basic rules of poker in this case will allow you to slide easily into a poker variant that you are not familiar with, yet. In other cases, Poker variants differ in the amount of skill they allow you to exhibit.

In short, regardless of how different the variant may be, your best bet is to learn the basic rules and strategies of poker first, and then to learn the variant. Not only will you be a more educated player, you will have learned how to play one of the oldest and most treasured casino games in card playing history.

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