Caribbean Stud Poker - Tips

  1. Needless to say but if an opponent’s exposed cards beats your whole hand, it is best to fold.

  2. Also look at all the players exposed cards, remember this game is played with a single deck so if you see a lot of cards which you would need to complete a hand it makes it less likely you will be dealt them.

  3. Remember that in 7-Card Stud Poker the Antes can vary a lot depending on where you're playing. Basically the higher the % players are required to put up the more aggressive a player should be (to steal the Antes).

  4. In 7-Card Stud Poker, the 5th street is a decision time, as the betting limit increases, this is the time to fold a poor hand, especially against aggressive betting. If you stay in be sure you can play your hand out to the end.

  5. Fold if you have less than an ace-king combination in your hand.

  6. Make a bet if you have any pair (even a low pair), or if you have an Ace-King combo plus one other card that matches the value of the dealer's face card.

  7. Don't try to bluff the dealer. Many players think this is a good strategy, because they think they will win the Ante wager if the dealer's hand doesn't qualify. Again, the dealer's hand does qualify more than 50% of the time.

  8. Don't bother with the progressive jackpot unless it is a significant amount.

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